Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene foodstuffs....

So here at Round the Lake even if the power goes out I will still have water and access to the burners on the stove.  I have quite a bit of food that will be great to have....tonight I made a Green Chicken curry with peas and carrots.  I think tomorrow will be a chicken chili with lots of beans.

But more importantly we went out today to pick up junk food. I made sure all the food groups were covered.  Sugar--Tate's chocolate chip cookies, different candy bars.  Fruit-peach rings and gummy worms, BBQ potato chips.  Fish-swedish.  Dairy--queso and Cheeto's.

It's bad but I just couldn't imagine enduring this without bad food too.

Be safe.

PS. As I am posting this Beanie is reminding me that the best heart healthy diet is plant based. Damn.

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