Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene foodstuffs....

So here at Round the Lake even if the power goes out I will still have water and access to the burners on the stove.  I have quite a bit of food that will be great to have....tonight I made a Green Chicken curry with peas and carrots.  I think tomorrow will be a chicken chili with lots of beans.

But more importantly we went out today to pick up junk food. I made sure all the food groups were covered.  Sugar--Tate's chocolate chip cookies, different candy bars.  Fruit-peach rings and gummy worms, BBQ potato chips.  Fish-swedish.  Dairy--queso and Cheeto's.

It's bad but I just couldn't imagine enduring this without bad food too.

Be safe.

PS. As I am posting this Beanie is reminding me that the best heart healthy diet is plant based. Damn.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seafood Festival of Fun!

We decided to eat healthier so tonight we had a Seafood Festival of Fun. I went to the grocery store and just bought different bits of fish and seafood.  We had steamed lobster, shrimp, salmon, steelhead trout, scallops and swordfish.

It was hilarious to watch the people trying the different bits. Everyone will willing but not always so able.  SJP and Beanie had most trouble with the scallops.  I actually loved them.

It was a fun night!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pizza Man Cometh

Tonight BigMan made us pizza. Now I will go against popular home cooks and say that I don't usually like pizza cooked at home.  Usually when BigMan makes pizza I am sad and disappointed (and hungry!) But not tonight.

First pizza out of the oven was pesto with some prosciutto, next out broccolini with bacon and the last was pizza with yellow heirloom tomatoes and spicy olives.  Delicious.

BigMan made lots of loud pronouncements about being the best pizza man ever.  I have a feeling we will be eating alot more pizza in the future.